What The Grammy’s Tell Us About Our Culture

   They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I just need 500.

   First, why is Alicia Keyes worshiping Michelle O., as if the former first lady is a divine embodiment of Jesus Christ?

   Second, why is Michelle O. receiving the worship as if she is a) used to it, or b) expects it since she see’s herself as a “leader” by fiat.

   Keyes did a horrible job at MC’ing the Grammy’s.

   It is clear she has never hosted any awards show before; she lacked any depth, about as shallow as you could be. And this explains why walking in the presence of such greatness makes her tremble, because she herself is vacuous from a life time of being told “your pretty, talented and your are a star.”

   The truth is Keyes is pretty, and she can play and sing pretty well, but considering the accolades, I can’t think of one song she has ever sang except “This Girl is on fire,” (which actually only became famous because it was used in a Comcast commercial). The song itself has no great hook and it comes as close to be a good song as possible, but then it isn’t, just like her, a propped up symbol of what the music industry thinks is great artistry but is just more of the same mediocrity that has become the norm for today’s modern music.

   Keyes’ revealed herself last night, slobbering her way into the Michelle O. introduction, who then uttered pretty words to inspire the audience, so much so that now whispers of ‘presidency’ are being heard in the hallways of liberal America.

   The Grammy’s, like pretty much everything else in Western Culture, has become shallow and over-produced, glitzy and glittering, but with little or enduring substance, much like the host, much like liberal left politics, much like our culture.

   Is it any wonder the host acts like a little girl being embraced by her mommy, the Nanny State? The symbolism here is almost creepy because it displays a fusion of pop-culture and politics in a way where imagery like this promotes cult-of-personality leadership, the kind where you willingly give up thought because it is easier to love your leader, knowing full well he (or she) would never do anything to hurt you, just like Michelle.



JR Watkins is a former talk show host, author and media consultant





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