Elizabeth Warrens’ True Offense – from a Native American

I must confess. I also thought I had some Native American in me. I was told when my grandmother on my dad’s side was born, her mother was Cherokee.

Did a DNA test a year ago, no Cherokee. Zilch.

Senator Warrens’ error was she tried to use her Native Americanism to get an advantage, more than once.

But enough of what I think.

Here’s a true Native American -and a U.S. Veteran.

His words:

I am a conservative  Republican, US Air Force veteran, 1969-75, and an “American Indian,” as defined by federal law, titles 18 and 25 of the United States Code, as well as a former tribal leader (Chairman, Fort McDermitt Paiute Shoshone Tribe (late 1980s) and Chairman, Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada (late 1980s-early 1990s)).
US Senator Warren believes she can merely apologize to one or two Indians and maybe one or two tribes for getting caught identifying herself as an “American Indian” on that state of Texas bar association card that bears her signature in her handwriting.
Before President Obama unilateral change of terms, a “Native American” meant a Canadian or other North America native person or a Mexican Indian or other central or South American native person.
Before President Obama unilateral change of terms, an “American Indian” was a member of a federally recognized tribe with Treaty and other rights negotiated between tribal leaders and the federal government. 
Many of the “American Indians” I know have for sometime Senator Warren did not merely identify herself as a “Native American” (a recent Obama era term) but that she claimed being the term of art “American Indian” to get her university professorships.
I think Senator Warren has lied just as much is the Virginia governor had lied and that both should be disqualified from holding office and seeking new office.
Ron Eagleye Johnny

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