Past Racial Sins – Yes I am Guilty, Too

   After a week of watching all kind of folks get nailed for being racists in their former years, I decided to give myself a good reality check to see if I am also guilty of any past sins where I might have been insensitive to the racial sensitivities of others, or if I, in any way, might have given offense to someone for appropriating their culture or in anyway enjoyed something at another races’ expense.

   I grew up in South Central Los Angeles. I think I might have even been on the same neighborhood baseball team as the founder of the Crypts. I had a newspaper delivery route in Watts. Tips weren’t very good I am afraid. But I digress.

   I know something of what it is like to feel the heat of being a minority. But that is no excuse, which is why I feel a need to confess my sins.

   I did find one grave offense, and I now wish to come clean on The Watkins Report.

   I hope you will forgive me.

JR Watkins is a former talk show host, author and media consultant



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