OAC’s Green New Deal – Are You F*king Crazy?


On AOC’s New Green Deal…


   Getting rid of airplanes? What about the pilots, the stewards, the mechanics, the airport retailers, the ground crew, the vendors, the cab drivers, and countries that want to fly people to America? and what about the military, no planes for them too?  So when other countries start to carpet bomb us, what do we do, hide in our newly rebuild homes made of fiberglass?


   On high speed railways, even if you could build them, you say you want to protect the indigenous, well, what if they don’t want you to build your railway on their land? Won’t work, creates conflict, and the energy required to create the material for the railways would do more damage and create more of a carbon footprint than what we are doing now…plus, what kind of fuel would you need, electricity? from renewable energy? Solar, wind? To power a light railway? Not physically possible. You need a strong source of energy, electricty, created form – guess what? – fossil fuels.


   Is your plan voluntary, or is it with the force of government that you achieve these goals, – with or without citizen support? what do you do, arrest people, fine them for refusing to join you? What if some of those people are unemployment- force them to work? Forced labor? Sounds familiar.


   You say you think you can create a form of Socialist democratic-capitalist society. That’s pretty impressive. You are 28, recently graduated, and yet you are confident you have figured out what millions upon millions of other people throughout history couldn’t  figure out? You are that confident that you a smarter than everyone when it comes to determining the course of social evolution?


   You are expecting all of America are to believe you have figured out and we should just “pull train” as you say, and trust you?


   If you were in our position, would you also extend complete trust and literally turn over the keys of government (and civilization) to this brilliant female New York Congresswoman just because she thinks the has a great plan?

   To Ms. Ocasio-Cortez I say this: Tonight, I pray that when you are just about to go to sleep and dream of unicorns, the stark reality hits you to just how ignorant you have let the world know you are?


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