Chicago’s Free Money Program – Are You In?

   Today the city of Chicago announced it was going to give 1-thousand US dollars away to the impoverished, with no strings attached. Meaning if you can prove you are poor, or broke, or whatever, you get the money from people who think you are going to use that money to get out of poverty. If you play your cards right, when they give you the money, tell ’em that’s a nice watch and see if they will give that to you, too.

   Oh the law of unintended consequences.

   Talk about sending a beacon out to every greedy person in the country, “hey come to Chicago, we’ll pay you.”

   There is thing called Human Nature, which I discuss in my most recent rant on this weeks’ Watkins Report.

   Watch and learn you bleeding heart liberals…

JR Watkins is a former talk show host, author and media consultant



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