Who Wants To Be An Elitist?

How can I become an Elitist?

I wish I was part of the Elite, don’t you? Sounds like a pretty good gig, doesn’t it?  You get total freedom, money isn’t a worry and people are influenced by what you do. How is that not cool?

    Do Elites know they are elite? Do they early in life say, “you know, I want to be an Elite?” Do you think George Clooney, for example, wanted to be in the Elite? How about that guy who runs the EU, Juncker? Do you think he always wanted to be in the Elite? Theresa May? Macron? Maduro?
   I think Elites are our version of the Greek Gods, they seem to never get sick, they always look good and they wield such great power.
   Nancy Pelosi is an Elite, but she doesn’t look too happy. Same with Adam Schiff, he looks miserable too, except when he is talking about taking down his nemesis Donald J. Trump, another Elite.
   The Hollywood Elite are interesting. They belong to their own club which calls for more sex and drugs. Most of them are secret Elite, we don’t know their names, except for the big star Elites, or until they get charged with sexual assault or some other kind of sex crime. I thought if you were a part of the Elite, sex was automatic, I mean, who doesn’t want to have sex with an Elite? If sex isn’t a given when you are part of the elite, Why be elite?
   I bet if you ask most people if they want to be an Elite, even that one up-and-coming congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, they would tell you yes. If they didn’t admit it I would believe they are a liar. Who doesn’t want to have play by the rules? Isn’t that what being a member of the Elite means, you don’t have to play the rules, you are exempt from the normal stuff we normal people have to deal with?
   Deep down I know I will not ever become a member of that exclusive club. It would be nice, but its too elusive. I  am okay with that reality. It’s actually enjoyable to watch the Elite, they are like circus clowns to me.
JR Watkins is a former talk show host, author and media consultant.

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