Where’s the Evidence, Dude?

Jussie Smollett may be the biggest coward in America right now, a man who hides behind victim-hood to further a cause, namely, his career, and exploits Black people doing so.

   Notice there has been no followup to his case? The so-called 2am Hate Crime that no one seems to be able to prove.  Still no video, no corroboration, no clarification, but a whole lot of kneeling and spewing of the so-called cry of racism in his name, to be sure.
   There are more holes in his story than Swiss cheese, and no one is holding him accountable.
   I looked it up last week. Do you know how many actual noose hate crimes there were last year in the U.S.? Three. And two of them were later exposed to be planted by college activists, hoaxes, in other words, by those wishing to make a point or to cast dispersions to raise the issue of lynching and racial violence.
   The third lynching hate-crime was actually an accident. Someone (a middle-school student) had left a rope hanging from the tree for an unrelated incident having nothing to do with hate crimes or racial intimidation.
   Back to Smolletts.
   Just like ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ became Micheal Browns swan song, his living legacy, based on an event that never actually occurred, so are fellow African-American artists using this latest faked event to promote the notion that America is overrun with black-hating white people.
   When I heard Don Lemon talking the other day about how some Black slavery experiences were different from others, Blacks who might have come from say, the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico, and how somehow their black experience isn’t the same as those who came from slaves brought to America. By what scale do you measure ancestral pain? Is it even possible to determine whose ancestors suffered more? Don Lemon of CNN apparently does.
   Folks, as Patriots Coach Belichick says, “We’re on to Cincinnati,” a metaphor which means we need to move forward, not backward. The past is done.
   Those who wish to live in the past and continually embrace the horrible things that happened are themselves unable to walk out of the jail cell they have built around them, chained as it were, to the past.
   Nothing can be gained by being a perennial victim of past racial strife.
   And lastly, to exploit such suffering by using playing a victim of a crime that looks like never happened, an alleged hate crime no less, one that “spurred national debate,” is unconscionable, and does a grave disservice to those who were – and who are still– true victims of racial injustice.
JR Watkins is a Talk Show Host, author and media consultant.

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