The Outrageous Bloviation of Social Media

   Why do we care who gets offended on Social Media?

   I am so frustrated by the idiocy of 1) people getting offended, 2) people reporting said people are getting offended, and 3) that I am supposed to care when people get offended on social media.
   Cover your ears, I am about to get really offensive.
   Most people are idiots, so why should I give a flip if someone gets offended at anything when I know that 1) most people are uneducated, 2) most people are ill-informed, and 3) most people spend their entire life mingling with fellow stupid people, except that now these very same idiots  own a smartphone which allows them unfettered access to Social Media, where more weight is given to what they say or how they feel than ever before, as if it matters just because it “went viral.”
   How much of the news reports on smart people? Answer, not much. Most of the news we read and hear about is of stupid people doing dumb things. Most car accidents are because people make bad driving mistakes. Most people who commit crimes are stupid enough to believe they can get away with committing crimes. Most people who get into violent activity are operating on a very low level of human cognition, slightly above their animal brethren, namely, the gorilla, and yes, most people I meet every day are slightly that side of ignorant, which leads me to believe that most people are in fact, quite stupid, which is why people get offended pretty much by anything.
   And if you are in agreement with people who get offended, then chances are you are also stupid and you probably weren’t aware of it because, well, do I have to spell it out for you?
   And if you wonder why there is a 1% group of over achievers, and the rest of us are 99% “percenters,” it’s because most of us are merely average people. An exceptional person is, well, an exception, not the rule.
   Getting offended is an emotional response that lacks context or depth of understanding. Anyone can get offended if all they do is focus on 1) their own viewpoint, 2) a selfish world view, and 3) all thought is emotionally driven, i.e., Selena Gomez or Michael Moore, Kathy Griffin, Rosie O Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, etc..
   So the next time you hear a news report about how social media is reacting to such and such story, just remember that the only people who are reacting are stupid people, and while they are numerous, they are so preoccupied with texting and reacting; they pose little threat to society at large, unless of course we believe their viewpoints have merit.
   Social Media is bullshit! Group-think is false. Twitter and Facebook are tools of propaganda. Any weight given to them is foolish, and consensus among idiots displays a regression in societal evolution, not progress.
   Mob Rule always falls to the lowest common denominator, remember that the next time you hear the word “Viral,” it just means the natives are getting restless again.
JR Watkins is a former Talk Show host, author and media consultant.

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