Why is The Press Lying to Us?

It’s simple. Our media, controlled by corporate and (progressive) political interests, wants us to believe all is swell with globalism.

They don’t want Americans to know, for example, that most Brits want nothing to do with the EU, that most Brits, French, and most of the EU nation-States are sick and tired of migrants, the crime and violence that comes with it, and that people in England and Europe understand now that climate change policies are disastrous and making life miserable.

If Americans are kept busy by the incessant fake news of Trump’s demise (even when many of his policies are actually working) and of fake racial injustice news, then we won’t ‘woke’ to the fact that Globalists are failing and there is real revolt going on over issues far and above what American’s are worried about.

It is by design that you are not seeing 50,000 French protest Macron this weekend over climate change and tax policy. It is by design you will not understand the Brexit issue because the government in England, filled with political figures who wish NOT TO LEAVE the European Union are creating referendums to try to modify or alter the exit from the EU, keeping in place certain restraints that go against the will of the British people; the Brits simply don’t want to answer to a non-elected body in Brussels, to the tune over $350-million pounds a month that the UK must give to the European Union, money that is used to help its lesser countries with migration costs, bank loans and bonds that are purchased to help countries like Spain and Italy stay afloat. It’s not a complicated issue, but the way the media approaches Brexit, as if it is a bad thing, gives the viewer the impression that the Globalists (countries that want a strong central government) are the good guys.

But the story has become so complicated, American’s tune out and don’t connect. Our media doesn’t explain it very well, by design, and what should be seen as a David vs. Goliath battle for rights, is made to look like a boring corporate deal with no lasting influence on anything else, except that if the UK leaves, the EU gets much weaker. Isn’t that important? Of course it is, except in the American press.

What is happening in France is interesting, and it will soon start to happen in Germany. People in France are sick of Macron’s taxes and regulations, and of being forced to take in migrants who won’t, or don’t assimilate, or are they required to. Laws have been created to protect migrants from even slight criticism, and their effect on employment, crime and government tax revenues has been disastrous for the French as well as the Germans.

Leadership in both countries have undermined the people – but you aren’t hearing about it on MSNBC or CNN.

England, France and Germany are paying triple, ever four-times as much as Americans for fuel. And it is about to get worse. When Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord, the clock began to tick on the $100 billion a year the IPOCC  and the IMF would NOT receive in funding to help fight climate change.

Next year, when the U.S. exits, all of that money will have to come from somewhere? Look for utility bills to rise even further in the EU and this will create even more anger with citizens in the Union.

What you see in France is starting to spread elsewhere, and Germany is simmering, about to pop – But not even a mention in the evening news?

And for a brief moment, let’s talk about China.

While America is busy fighting invisible demons like Social Justice and racism, income inequality and other social ills that are a figment of the Lefts’ imagination, China is laughing their collective asses of at us. Drug use is rampant (and not just recreational, but also therapeutic drugs); our political infighting between Trump and the Democrats serves as a great distraction for the American people, all th while China expands its influence in Central America as well as South American, Africa and the Middle East.  The Rust and Belt Initiative is working because China has no choice. Its Billion people have to expand, along with its socialist principles, and especially does China works its way in to all countries with its technology.

You have been told China steals technology, but mostly they watch and when they find weakness they exploit it. Most of our electronic devices probably contain some kind of “back-door” way for China to generate user and retrieve data, and, Americas are so open about their life in the first place, it wouldn’t be hard for China to create a dossier on every teenager in existence, or every corporation. Trump is and has always been right about China. This is about dominance and China believes its survival is all about dominance in the coming decades.

The sad reality is that China believes they do not have to do anything to bring America down, we can accomplish this goal by ourselves if they just wait long enough – and they might be right!

It night not surprise you that the #1 source for fentanyl in the world is China. It might also surprise you to know that China regularly monitors all social media in the U.S. looking for people who criticize their government. It might be very well possible some Chinese surveillance program will probably catch this blog. It’s who they are. And it should frighten the hell out of all of us, IF we were paying attention, and if our news journalists would do serious news, instead of serious fluff that makes up most of our news, we might be better prepared and more informed about our world.

The biggest problem right now in America is ignorance. The Left clearly has an agenda which is a mix of big government, social retribution and some strange desire to overturn a free-market society, all of this accomplished by keeping people ignorant and pushing agenda- driven activism for special interest groups. Religion is also under attack, at least Christianity seems to be, and it is our faith (freedom of individiual rights) that keeps us from becoming a totalitarian state.

But ignorance, ignorance of circumstances, of context, of history, or ignorance of the facts is what is undermining America. We have come to the point where everyone is pointing at each other and casting blame for a hundred and one social ills,;hate has come to America and we are blinded by it. Meanwhile our enemies are sneaking over the wall, undermining our families, our communities, our educational system, our government, and our culture.

JR Watkins is a former Talk Show host, author, social commentator and media consultant.



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