Why Ocasio-Cortez is a Charming Idiot

I am suspecting that from an early age, Alexandria probably learned how to manipulate with her charms. Maybe it started with her grandfather, then other boys along the way, all charmed by her cute dimples and smiles, the kind that get people to notice you, open doors for you, and allow you to get away with just about anything, including when you get MSNBC showing up telling everyone how much appeal you have.

When I say just about anything, I am referring to Congresswoman, or Congressperson (more appropriately in these days of non-gender pronouns) Ocasio-Cortezs’ radical ideas about Socialism.

   How is it a bright young person from the Bronx can grow up with ideas about how good Socialism is? Was she not taught that Socialism is the great social evil of the 20th century, responsible for the death of over 100 million people?
   How can Ocasio-Cortez get angry because people ignore the warnings of Climate Change, but doesn’t seem to know anything about the dangers of Socialism in the world? Socialism is to people what Climate Change is to the environment: a man-made disaster because we are so arrogant as to believe we can control human (and earths’) behavior.
   There is stupid, and there is dumb-stupid. Stupid usually means uneducated, ignorant because no one ever told you otherwise, but then there is the kind of stupid that AOC practices, hoping her charming personality will save the day. That is dumb-stupid because no one had the guts to tell you how wrong you were.
   Anyone who believes Socialism is good doesn’t understand human history or human nature.
   Does AOC not see what is happening in Venezuela? Or does she just think Maduro didn’t do socialism the right way?
   For a moment, let us indulge Ocasio-Cortez and assume, say 10 years from now, she somehow, through the media’s help, gets elected as our first socialist president. Let’s assume, for the sake of popular argument, that she somehow gets both houses to pass a 70% tax on the rich, and further, passes laws that forces the United States to go green by 2040, forcing us to end coal and natural gas consumption, as California Governor Jerry Brown has just legislated in his state. And finally, let us say that by then, Hate-Speech becomes law and that anyone who uses social media to speak out is charged with a hate crime.
   The first item, a 70% tax is just under what Chavez did in Venezuela; he basically took over private industry and brought ruin to it.
   The second item, forcing the US go green is not impossible, Brown did it because he had the people (who buy into man-made climate change) behind him. Now, you have California completely in control of energy.
   On the 3rd item, which is hate-speech laws to curb dissent, Sweden has such laws in place to prevent people from speaking out against immigration crime, as does Germany and England; people cannot complain about being raped if they were raped by a foreigner. It’s a hate crime.
   My point is these things can happen quickly, and if Ocasio-Cortez continues to be held up as some brilliant, fiery defender of the oppressed, instead of the dumb-stupid that she really is, we are in danger. She is ignorant, and this ignorance can cause massive problems in our not-too-distant future if the media continues to portray her as the charming gal from Bronx who just wants to fight social justice.
   What worries the most is not her ideas, but the amount of people who actually believe them.  An uneducated populace with an uneducated leader (and an agenda-driven media playing to the masses) is very dangerous combination
   Someone please mail AOC a copy of Animal Farm and 1984. The sooner the better. And, while you are add it, perhaps a copy of The Gulag Archipelago as well just to make sure she gets the message. Then pray she reads them.
   Socialism is an affront to God. It rips man of his dignity and makes the State the new God.  History shows is that those who rule by Socialism always become dictatorial.
   AOC, are you listening?
   If you really want to help people, tell them to get off their ass, stop smoking weed and get a freaking job, of which there are many. Work, hard work is what makes people successful, not government handouts and restrictive mandates that create ineffective bureaucracies and limit freedom.

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