Hate for Trump Will Destroy This Nation

Something strange has happened in our country. We are suffering from National Delirium. Though not everyone is afflicted, many are unwittingly under a spell, and this spell has been fueled by unending propaganda to the likes of nothing I have ever witnessed before.

Take Cher, the actress and singer. She is convinced that Trump is a Russian operative. Convinced? Millions of people right now are absolutely convinced that Trump is evil and will destroy America. They are convinced!

Many people I know and love – and respect as people, are filled with vehement hatred towards Donald Trump. How is it possible for any one person to be the focus of so much intense hatred? Reports have surfaced about the increase of stress, depression and to some extent, psychosis has resulted from Trump being the president.

Can I be so wrong to think these people are delusional, if not unwittingly embracing a delirium as followers of some strange new national hate-cult? Is it possible 120 million American adults are under this spell of hatred, fueled by incessant negative media coverage that details every morsel of activity that befalls President Trump, presented with a keen desire to inspire negative emotion?

For many, like myself, who actually believe Trump has been a good president, despite some foibles and stupid remarks along the way, we find it difficult to understand the level of vitriol that has been extended to this one president.

When Obama was president, no doubt there was immense hatred for him from small circles, but mostly, people were in great disagreement with former President Obama’s policies, not so much his personality. With Trump, it has gone beyond hatred, and any country filled with this much anger can simply not be healthy, or normal. And if the anger that fuels this current trend continues, I fear this portends of even greater delirium to come, which has the great potential to spill onto the streets, if it hasn’t already.

How can there be such divergence views of reality?

The answer is simple. America has a president in the White House who got there because far too much credit was given to Hillary Clinton. The result: Trump won by default and by the fact that enough people had become disgusted with the current system of politics, and Trump seemed to galvanize this contempt to his favor. He won because 1) the Democrats failed, and 2) because Obama and his policies had created contempt, first in his actions (“you didn’t build it,” “America was never that great to begin with,” “Christians need to get off their high horse,”), and then in his wasteful policies that inhibited growth – and created uncertainty – in the business sector after the real-estate bubble in ’08. After six years people said we don’t trust this government, let’s try something new.

And then Trump shows up.

Fast forward to two years later and guess what? Much to the chagrin of even his enemies, he has set out to accomplish all of his campaign promises, something every previous president promised, but rarely ever accomplished. Trump may be full of shit, but his agenda never wavered. His supporters, me included, never forget this. Trump might just end up being the most divisive president in U.S. history, but his accomplishments will remain a fact. He did reduce government waste, he did increase employment (and rather quickly), he did restore confidence in the business sector, and most American’s will attest to the fact their financially they are better off.

The losers of course, are the special interest groups who depend on government enforcement to achieve their agendas.

But back to the hate for a moment.

When Trump does leave office, whether in 2020 or 2024, he will still be making news. There is no getting over the fact that Donald J. Trump will always be part of our national dialogue, and it’s because people hate him with such disdain that he wields great power.

Every time he is attacked, his supporters will be galvanized and he will be made the martyr. I would propose that the fastest way to minimize Trump would be to allow him to continue his presidency and judge him rightfully on his policies. This method is moral. The current attacks are personal, as if it has become fair game for adults to make shit up simply because they hate the guy.

Continually hating on this guy is mutually destructive, as some of us learned in Bible school. But the delirium will never stop until people realize that at the end of the day, the media is driving all of it. The media, news media, social media, whatever media there is, feeds off of Trump, it is the beast that is fed by the hatred of otherwise loving people.

To my friends, family, and to the millions of American’s who go to bed every night filled with hate and disgust, I say to you let it go. You have been duped. And it should make you angry to know you have become manipulated into hating every single time you turn on the news or go to your media device? It so by design because hatred, like any other human emotion, can become addictive.

I pray people will hear this message and begin reconciliation. America cannot survive with this much hate.


JR Watkins is an author, social comenttator and host of the weekly podcast Candidly Speaking.