11 Key Questions for Jussie Smollett

I have some question for that actor who says he was beaten in Chicago a few nights ago because he was gay and black.

Since everyone is talking about it, I’d like to know the following:

1. What on earth where you doing getting a sandwich at 2am in the morning in Chicago while it was 20 degrees outside?
2. What Subway store is even open at 2am? and did the clerk who served you see anything (or serve anyone) besides you?
3. How is it that these two alleged assailants knew you were gay and/or an actor? Were you bundled up? Were you wearing a big coat? How did they recognize you at 2am in the dark? How exactly where they able to identify you?
4. Why did you keep the noose around your neck for 40 minutes until the police showed up? And why did you refuse medical attention at first?
5. If you were talking on the phone with your agent while you were being attacked, how was it you noticed (or didn’t notice) the assailants while on the phone and why didn’t you hang up and call 911 right away?
6. If you were in your hotel room (or a room of a friend), how did these two assailants, who had come prepared with “chemicals“ and a rope, know you would be where you were at that hour? It doesn’t sound random, it sounds like they followed you from somewhere else. Had you seen them previously at another location?
7. How is it that no video whatsoever can substantiate these two suspects being near or around your vicinity at that hour despite hundreds of man-hours looking at surveillance video?
8. How is it you remember them yelling MAGA and yet you forgot to tell the police in the first interview you gave that this occurred?
9. Why would you, a celebrity, walk late night in Chicago without any kind of weapon or self defense of any kind?
10. Why didn’t your friend go with you? Who walks in Chicago at 2am by themselves, especially when Chicago is known for shootings?
11. Why don’t you hand over your phone to help the police investigate your case? Surely there must be evidence of photos or GPS records that could help them determine exactly where you were at 2am when the assault occurred?
   The backstory seems strange and, on too many levels, it doesn’t appear to make sense, starting with the fact hat you probably could have ordered room service or called a cab, but you decided to walk. How far was the hotel from Subway? a few blocks? certainly someone must have seen you to substantiate your story.
Perhaps you should consider the fact that if all of this has been fabricated, you will have done a grave disservice to Black (and other) victims everywhere.
John Franklin is a retired Bounty Hunter from Ventura, California and contributing author on issues of crime and criminal investigation

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